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EAA Conference 2021

Team members of the BONDS project participated with an oral presentation at the annual EAA 2021 Conference that was held in Kiel from the 8th to the 11th of September 2021. The paper was led by Niki Saridaki (RA) and supplemented by Evita Kalogiropoulou (PI) and Nina Kyparissi, the Director of the excavation at the site Imvrou Pigadi. The team participated at the session #377, A world of Clay II: from fragments to societies. The title of our talk was ‘Discussing social dynamics of a pottery workshop: evidence from the Middle Neolithic site Imvrou Pigadi, Greece’. The paper culminated Niki’s research on pottery production from the site Imvrou Pigadi that was accomplished in the context of BONDS project.