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EAA Conference 2022

Team members of the BONDS project Dr. Evita Kalogiropoulou (PI), Dr. Maria Roumpou (RA) and Dimitris Roussos (RA) participated with two oral presentations at the annual EAA 2022 Conference that was held in Budapest from the 31st of August to the 3rd of September 2022. The first paper was prepared jointly by Evita Kalogiropoulou and Maria Roumpou, supplemented by the support of Dr. Christina Ziota, Director of the excavation at the site Kleitos 1. The team participated at the session #154, ‘Towards an Archaeology of Household Practices– Current Archaeological and Scientific Contributions’. The title of this oral presentation has been ‘Exploring the materiality of household and cooking practices at the Neolithic site Kleitos 1, Greece. Evidence from organic-residue analysis’. The paper presented preliminary results from organic residue analysis that was conducted at selected combustion features at the Late Neolithic site Kleitos 1, north-western Greece. The second oral presentation was led by Dimitris Roussos (RA) and it was supplemented by Dr. Evita Kalogiropoulou, Dr. Nina Kyparissi, Director of the excavation at the site Imvrou Pigadi and Dr. Christina Ziota. The team participated at the session #1350, ‘Multi-proxy Microarchaeological Approaches: State of the Art, New Advances. Limitations and Future Perspectives’. The title of the oral presentation has been ‘Tracing Neolithic fire use and pyrotechnology in the micro-scale through the use of an integrated geoarchaeological methodology’. The paper culminated preliminary geoarchaeological developments on outdoor assemblages of combustion features from two selected sites Imvrou Pigadi in Phiotida and Kleitos 1 in Kozani. Research presented in both papers was accomplished in the context of the BONDS project.