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Research Associate

Saridaki Niki is an archaeologist specialised in pottery analysis with a PhD from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Niki has participated in many research projects in Northern Greece and Thessaly, such as EXLO, EXPLORE, ‘Long Time, No See’, and as a pottery expert in many sites in Northern Greece, like Paliambela, Revenia, Avgi, Ritini, Makriyalos, Goules, Roditis, Toumba Kremasti Koilada and Acropolis of Smari in Crete. She was a fellow of the A.G Leventis Foundation and the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete. Her research interests include Aegean archaeology, pottery technology and mobility of craftsmen and technological knowledge in the Greek Neolithic.

At BONDS, she is in charge of the macroscopic analysis of pottery assemblages from the key site, Imvrou Pigadi, aiming at testing the working hypothesis of a Neolithic pottery workshop. The study of pottery will focus on macroscopic examination of sherds, in order to produce information on the technological, morphological and pyrotechnological characteristics of pots, and to additionally locate possible specialisation in pottery production at the site.